Best UTVs for Work and Play

A Utility Task Vehicle is built to be a powerful, reliable outdoor machine that gets your work done. Ideally, UTVs are designed to handle the toughest you can throw at them and that is why they can be used for both work and play.

They generally have a large cabin and flatbed that can manage heavy loads. They are also featured with other capabilities that we are going to look into.

There are so many brands and companies that offer UTVs in the market each with different characteristics, but we have pointed out a few that we know to be among the top best.

Factors to Consider When Getting a UTV for Work and Play

Before buying a UTV you can choose according to the requirements you are looking for and, in that case, below are some of the factors that can guide you and put into consideration while buying a utility terrain vehicle for work and play.

  • Purpose – when buying a UTV it is good to know the purpose. If you are looking for one that can be used for both work and play, then it is good to consider one that matches that. There are so many in the market but all you need to know is that you need something you can use for work (e.g., plow snow) and also play (e.g. go on an off-roading adventure).
  • Maintenance – a UTV is just like any other vehicle, and it needs to be maintained and serviced regularly. Some might be a challenge to maintain because you might not find some of the spare parts and some are very much expensive to maintain. Choose a side-by-side that will make work easier for you when it comes to taking care of it.
  • Examine the vehicle’s body frame– when it comes to the body frame you should at least consider one that is built of heavy-duty steel. For it to be able to withstand tough terrains and heavy loads that can be as high as 1000 pounds, the body should be capable of absorbing all the shock.
  • Quality of the tires– tires with great tread will increase the impact on tough terrain and they will also carry your UTV you for ages. While getting a UTV the tires should reflect durability as well as be in a position to resist punctures.
  • Size of the engine- using it for work you need one with a big engine to substitute power to work the load it will be entitled to.

Best UTV for Work and Play

BEST OVERALL: Polaris Ranger 1000

Polaris Ranger 1000 is one of the best UTVs for work and play in the market, very well-designed with plush seats, tilt steering, and a spacious refined interior whereby moving out and about is easy. It has great and impressive features that work perfectly like 26-inch tires are structured with great tread and generate a full 12.5 ground lift. For work, it has a 1,000 lb. box capacity and 2,500 lb. towing capacity.

BEST VALUE: Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000

Reliability is the other name for RMAX2 1000. Wolverine RMAX2 delivers smooth performance with no doubt from its 999cc, DOHC eight-valve parallel twin engine. Maximum articulation is delivered by its front and rear suspension in low and high-speed occurrences.


If your budget is strictly fixed and you want a UTV that can do its purpose getting a Can-Am Defender is the right choice to make. It is yet a budget-friendly and tough machine that can handle any harsh and heavy off-road terrain. If you are looking for a machine for hunting, farming, and exploring at the same time this is it.

Top 5 Best UTVs for Work and Play

  1. Polaris Ranger 1000

The Polaris ranger 1000 is known to be the best UTV with the smoothest ride and also best for work as it comes with a box too. If you want to get the most comfortable offroad ride this Ranger 1000 delivers exactly that.

It is well-designed with plush seats, tilt steering, and a spacious refined interior whereby you can get in and out so easily. Value for your money is well utilized when it comes to this ranger. Durability and comfort are other names for it.

Polaris Ranger 1000 Best UTV for work and play

Its single overhead cam engine delivers 61 horsepower and that’s where it gets its power from. Your tough jobs are well taken care of since it has a strong chassis, a full-body skid plate, and sealed bushing and bearings.

The 26-inch tires are structured with good treads and generate a full 12.5 ground lift.  If you have this machine or planning to own it you should count yourself lucky as it is built for any tough terrain, rocks, logs, or any obstacle you come across.

The cab store is 18.6 gallons, and you can easily access the small items that you are necessary to carry along. Not to forget the handy cargo box that can hold various items and materials. There is also the gas assist dump box that comes in handy while offloading.

To maximize the work done attach the trailer to the standard 2 in.  By doing this you will have maximized the towing and hauling process which is great. Polaris Ranger 1000 is without doubt the best UTV for work and play.


  • Fuel capacity 43L
  • Stamped steel wheels
  • 4 stroke twin cylinder engine type
  • 61 hp engine
  • Ground clearance 12.5 inch
  • Cargo box 1000lb
  • Towing capacity 2500lb
  • Rear and front suspension
  • Hitch type is the standard 2 in.
  • 3-person capacity


  • Well-built and strong off-road vehicle
  • Powerful horsepower
  • Premium power steering
  • Rides are smooth
  • Large capacity and spacious interior.


  • Driver’s belt is not durable
  1. Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000

Yamaha is the king when it comes to reliability. Wolverine RMAX2 delivers smooth performance with no doubt from its 999cc, DOHC eight-valve parallel twin engine.

Maximum articulation is delivered by its front and rear suspension in low and high-speed occurrences. It features the 3D modes that are the power delivery in a sport mode that is best used for open trails and sand. It is known as the spirited mode for dunes and desert drives.

Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000

The second is the trail mode which entails more fun and is best for people who are ready for adventure. The 3rd is the crawl mode which is for slow occasions such as rock crawling.

For offroad use, it is 100% safe since the 3D mode combines with the Yamaha Ultramatic and the On-Command system to deliver sustainable balance for engine braking.

One great thing I love about Yamaha Wolverines is that they have a very important feature that most don’t have which is the reverse lights. They are LED lights that illuminate anything that is behind the vehicle.  I feel like all UTVs should have reverse lights!

Not to forget the versatile tilting cargo bed that makes your hauling tasks a walk in the park. Yamaha Wolverine is the second best UTV for work and play.


  • 14-inch Beadlock aluminum wheel
  • Towing capacity 2000lb
  • 2 front suspensions
  • 9 rear suspensions
  • 999cc liquid-cooled engine
  • 4-valve engine
  • Compression ratio 11:2:1


  • Elegant, well designed plush interior
  • Has LED lights
  • Has 3D mode that you can control
  • Seats are well contoured and comfortable
  • Has auxiliary mounts


  • The back foot space is small
  1. Can-AM Defender DPS

This is yet another tough vehicle that can handle any harsh and heavy off-road terrain. If you are looking for a machine for hunting, farming, and exploring at the same time this is it. It is also budget friendly and does great job

This vehicle is well-powered with a 976cc engine that generates horsepower power and 41 pounds of torque which makes it climbs on hilly terrains and beat through rocks.

Can-AM Defender DPS

The AC is well-structured and designed to help in maintaining the air temperature and also you are able to regulate the climate. You are about to enjoy comfortable rides.

With 11 inches of ground clearance and 25 inches XPS trail tires, this side-by-side is able to get through heavy terrains. This defender can tow about 2500 lbs, and the cargo box can carry1000 lbs which is incredible.


  • 976cc engine capacity
  • 11inch ground clearance
  • 2500lb towing capacity
  • 1000lb cargo bed
  • Continuously variable transmission


  • Controllable and easy to maintain
  • Convenient for any weather condition
  • Comfortable for work and play
  • Provides great ground clearance
  • Long lasting and strong engine


  • Less spacious compared to other brands
  1. Honda Pioneer 1000 Trail

Getting a side-by-side for both work and play is not easy but Honda has made it possible. It is known to be one of the best UTVs for work.

Its ground clearance of 12.6 and remarkable speed of 67 mph make it work in the fastest and smooth way compared to other UTVs.

Honda Pioneer 1000 Trail

Honda Pioneer 1000 has generously provided great comfort, and easy entry, and exit, in between the seat rows, there is a 28-inch spacing hence your legs can freely move.

The fact that Honda pioneer offered comfort and coziness even to the drivers makes it extraordinary. Anybody can drive this UTV because the tilt steering can be adjusted regardless of the driver’s body size. Imagine if you use it for work you are about to forget how being tired feels, thanks to its padded foam seat.

It can accommodate about 5 passengers and amazingly you can turn it to be a full cargo bed when the seats are laid down.

The independent form and rear suspension together with the refined chassis enable you to beat through the tough terrain and ride swiftly, you can go further without realizing it. Nowadays the pioneer models feature OTR Dirt Master Tires that are tremendous for off-road.


  • Towing capacity 2500lb
  • Tilt bed 600lb
  • 999cc liquid-cooled cylinder
  • Lcd instrument display
  • 27-inch tires
  • 72 hp engine


  • Reliable and convenient
  • Has a better turning radius
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Has good torque and power


  • 2 step latch system can be a challenge for beginners
  1. Kubota RTV X-1100C

Kubota RTV is another well-designed side-by-side with optimum coziness and offers exceptional smooth rides. It is pimped with a 24.8 hp 3-cylinder diesel engine, standard 4-wheel drive, and Exclusive Variable Hydro Transmission.

As much as it gives extreme comfort it is also styled to perform in the toughest terrain and for heavy-duty work. It provides a whole 10 inches of ground clearance.

Kubota RTV X-1100C

It has an independent front and rear suspension with an adjustable spring that is well stationed. Another feature is the factory AC that makes the rides more deluxe and comfortable.


  • 8 HP engine
  • Diesel fuel type
  • 4 cycle
  • Fuel tank capacity 30L
  • Factory AC cap
  • 4-wheel cycle
  • 8 ground clearance
  • Load capacity 1629lb
  • Towing capacity 1300lb


  • Favorable for use in all weather conditions
  • Can endure tough terrains
  • Cozy and comfortable
  • Great and impressive performance
  • Good for both work and play


  • Expensive

Closing Remarks

Getting the best UTV in the market can be difficult and a hard decision to make but we believe this article has been of great help. The big question is a UTV necessary? And the answer is yes because these days they make our work easier e.g., loading and offloading materials, moving things too and so many other work activities it can perform.

You can as well enjoy fun and play activities with it like driving, hunting and many others.