Best UTVs for Farm

A UTV is one of the top machines you can invest improve your farming. They have come to make farming like an easy thing to do.

The first time you use an UTV for farming trust me you will not look back. Why is a UTV important?

Why a UTV is Important in the Farm

One prime thing that you cannot recover that a UTV can save you is “time”. What do I mean? UTV has made work easier for farmers by making things really quick. You will also do more than you have imagined. You save time and have more production.

Another thing that a UTV will save you is energy. When it comes to farming, it is the toughest chore to do and requires much energy from you as there are so many activities involved.

In as much as you will use some energy while using the UTV, it is not as much as you can use without it since it will do the most for you like carrying the materials you need at the farm and walking.

With that mentioned, I believe by reading this analysis to the end as a farmer will be really helpful for you. You can also check out and consider some few UTVs we have highlighted that will help you maneuver farming.

What do you look into while buying the best UTV for farming? Then check the best UTV used for farming and hunting

How to choose the best UTV for farm

Reliability- this is the main factor that farmers need when it comes to using a UTV for farming. There are so many types there in the market but one that is perfect for performing hard jobs like farming will do you good

Durability- owning a UTV is just like any investment you would wish to have, and everyone wants to experience value for their money for several years. A machine that will be able to deliver without breaking down will also save you maintenance costs. Get a quality machine that will be of long-term use. It will be very expensive to get one but affordable when it comes to the long run

Balance – there are so many activities involved during farming from carrying materials and so many others. With this, your UTV should be able to maintain balance for it to be in a position to work effectively

Powerful Engine- even though most UTVs are made to conquer tough terrains, for farming you should get one with a powerful engine as it will be able to break even the hardest soil or rocks on the farm. A powerful engine will not have any challenges working with tough terrains. The more horsepower the better it will be a farming vehicle

Cargo capacity- different UTVs have different cargo capacities and we are okay with that but getting one with at least 1000lbs going up will be the best choice. We know farming needs us to carry materials with us such as manure, and gravel but thanks to the UTVs they have come to save us from all the hassle. The larger the capacity the more you will carry and also it will reduce the number of trips

Towing capacity –is more like cargo capacity, but as a farmer, you need a machine that can handle all the weight you want to tow. If the vehicle is towing much more than the weight it ought to accommodate, then it will lead your machine from swinging and even losing control.

Best UTV for Farm

BEST OVERALL: Polaris Ranger XP-1000

Polaris Ranger is a well-known company that makes durable and reliable UTVs for work. This model has an impressive ground clearance of 13 inches and an 82-horsepower engine. During winter seasons it will also be of use, and you can take advantage and plow snow with it.

BEST VALUE: Can – Am Defender Pro XT

Can – Am Defender Pro XT on farm best UTV for farmCan-Am defender is among the best UTVs, but we have the Pro XT suitable for farm use. It is a high-quality vehicle with a 976cc V-twin liquid-cooled engine and powerful horsepower. It also features Quick Response System transmission lets in ventilation and so also has electric drive protection.


Kubota has really outdone in structuring their UTVs. They have also looked on the budget side and provided well-designed UTVs that delivers exceptional work. The framework is strong and thus can withstand any farm terrains. If you are looking for a durable machine and one with great speed this is the right one

Top 5 Best UTVs For Farm

  1. Polaris Ranger XP-1000

Polaris Ranger is the best partner for your farm. It is from a widely known company Polaris that has beast UTVs for farming and hunting.

Polaris Ranger XP 1000 can handle 98% of the tough jobs you find on a farm. Farms are full of work from hauling, cultivating, and towing to carrying farm materials, this vehicle is ideally meant for farmers and ranchers.

Polaris Ranger XP-1000 best UTV for farm

It has an impressive ground clearance of 13 inches and an 82-horsepower engine. During winter seasons it will also be of use, and you can take advantage and plow snow with it.

You are looking for a UTV with the best hauling capacity ranger Polaris is best for hauling in the market. This ranger will help you get more work done and it will be your new favorite. It has a towing capacity of 2500lb and a cargo box of 1000lb whereby you can haul a whole yard.

This is the right UTV for you especially if you want a multipurpose vehicle to help you. It is ready for farming, winter seasons, spring chores, and many more such as hunting.

It is also one of the best UTVs with the smoothest rides while working with and makes you feel comfortable all through.


  • 2’ rear hitch receiver
  • 13’ground clearance
  • 5 gallon fuel capacity
  • 8 ft turning radius
  • 4-strokeke engine
  • 82 horsepower engine
  • 999cc displacement
  • Steel frame construction
  • Fuel-injected carburetion
  • Continuously variable transmission


  • Has a Powerful engine for farm work
  • Great hauling capacity
  • Has adequate storage
  • Low end torque
  • Comfortable interior


  • Drive belt issues at times
  1. Can – Am Defender Pro XT

Can-Am Defender is among the best UTVs but we have the Pro XT suitable for farming. It is a high-quality vehicle with a 976cc V-twin liquid-cooled engine and good horsepower.

It also features Quick Response System transmission lets in ventilation and so also has electric drive protection.

Can – Am Defender Pro XT o

Its work on the farm is made easier by its rugged bumper design and its 4500-pound winch. The noise level is low and thus you will have a great time working with it. Loading and unloading are not a problem because Defender models have that unload push button for hydraulic power.

Defenders provide a large towing capacity of up to 2500 lbs which is at least above the standard. Its suspensions together with its powerful engine and driver work mode make farm activities easier and fast.

The Can-Am defender comes with a multifunction cargo box with lower storage and your item/materials are well accommodated. The extra storage at the extended box underneath can hold up to 80 gallons and is easily accessible to both passengers. It is a good option that farmers should put into consideration.


  • 2500 load capacity
  • 28’ tires on 14’ aluminum wheels
  • XT front bumper
  • 13’ ground clearance
  • Adjustable tilt steering
  • 2’ hinch receiver
  • 5’ wheelbase
  • Total storage 380.4l
  • 4500lb capable winch


  • Elegant appearance
  • Plenty storage
  • Has a climate control system
  • Dynamic power steering
  • Comfortable interior
  • Easy maintenance as parts are readily available


  • Gear grinding as it ages
  1. Kubota RTV –XG850

Kubota RTV is perfectly designed for your farm jobs. You will do more with it while spending the shortest period of time you won’t even believe it.

This vehicle is meant for heavy duty jobs like towing and hauling. It is well built for hauling jobs with a tremendous towing capacity of 2000lbs. Speak of its cargo box that accommodates 1000lb with an optional electric hydraulic lift for easy and quick dumping.

The Kubota RTV –XG850 is one of the best UTV with a dump bed. It is well structured with accessories that are customized to your demand and perform very well.

If you are looking for a durable machine and one with great speed this is the right one to go for. The engine is quite powerful with 48 horsepower and continuous variable transmission together with tuned front and rear suspension which allow smooth acceleration.

This Kubota RTV XG850 is a budget friendly UTV comparing to the type of job it delivers. For a farmer who is on a budget get this and your farm work will never be the same again.

Kubota UTV has many uses on the farm. However, it is not meant for farmers only it can be used for other purposes even for fun activities.


  • 851cc displacement
  • 4 stroke gas powered engine
  • Continuous Variable Transmission
  • 1000lb cargo box
  • 2000lb towing capacity
  • 1ft turning radius
  • 8’ ground clearance
  • 3 horsepower
  • Front and back hydraulic brakes


  • Smooth suspension traction
  • Quick responsive engine
  • Capable for heavy duty jobs
  • Well-structured CVT engine braking
  • Comfortable to use


  • Minimal safety tools
  1. John Deere Gator HPX615E

John Deere is another field machine that has been properly designed to work on the farm and handle the toughest that farmers encounter. Its many features make it work on the farm effectively and efficiently.

This is enabled by its powerful 617cc liquid-cooled engine and the hydraulic disc brakes. This vehicle has an electric power steering and heavy-duty suspension that optimizes hauling, towing, and also in hill climbing. Its versatile cargo box provides a hauling capacity of 1000 pounds and a towing capacity of 1300 pounds.

John Deere Gator HPX615E

We bought a John Deere two years ago and farming on our side has become such an interesting thing to do especially hauling tree cutting, also feeding our horses has now become easier. We are always amused by how much time we spend at the farm and end up doing a lot.

What I loved most about it is how it is fully equipped with useful features such as 12 v outlets, bench seats, cup holders and etc. This illustrates how convenient it is to maneuver with.


  • 20hp engine
  • 1000lb cargo box
  • 1300 lb towing box
  • Independent with Mc Phersion strut front
  • Rear suspension
  • 4-wheel drive
  • 1L fuel capacity
  • 4 cycle gas, 2 cylinder


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Suitable for farm work
  • Lower center of gravity


  • A little noisy
  1. Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT EPS

Kawasaki mule side by side has been well designed as an off-highway vehicle, if you have ever used any Kawasaki vehicle you can attest to how durable and well-structured, they are. Well, when it comes to this model it is the right choice of vehicle to help you with farm work.

It is well powered by a 3-cylinder, 4-stroke, 812cc, liquid-cooled engine. The power enables it to tow up to 2000 pounds which is incredible for farming.

Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT EPS

The cargo bed as well can equip up to 1000lb and when extended it can add another 350lb. ideally, it is a 3-seater but when the cargo bed is extended the seating capacity can be 6.

This vehicle has a great ground clearance of 10.2 inches and its electric power steering makes it the best hauling UTV. The parking brake which is the independent mechanical disc facilitates easy management in loading and offloading.

The features of this UTV make it deliver what farmers actually want.


  • 9 gallon fuel capacity
  • 2-inchch ground clearance
  • 0 ft turning radius
  • Radial front and back tires
  • Towing capacity 2000lb
  • Cargo box capacity
  • Seating capacity 6 in 2 rows


  • Ideal for farming and construction
  • Durable and easily maintained
  • Offers smooth rides with no vibrations
  • Independent suspension


  • Sometimes it might be a problem to attain maximum speed


Investing in a farm UTV is the best you can do. In this article we have highlighted some of the best UTVs for farm. It will save you time and increase your productivity which is the most important thing.

With that, there are so many other brands with different characteristics you can check the one that meets your demand.